Junior Development Programs

JD Programs are available to help establish and grow the young developing tennis player's game. All sessions are personal and specifically designed to focus on the player's need. Usually lasting about 1 hour, JD programs are mixed with fundamentals and conditioning program material. The below pricing schedule is easily modified to fit you or your child's improvement needs. Once a week not enough? Simply step it up to 3 or 4 times a week to see real improvement in the game!

Ages 10 and under. *All session prices are per month.

Sessions at 3x/week


Sessions at 2x/week


Sessions at 1x/week


Ages 11-18. *All session prices are per month.

Sessions at 4x/week

Good for those wanting weekly lessons.


Sessions at 3x/week

A good plan for on-3 off-1 week cycles.


Sessions at 2x/week

Sessions occur every other week.


Sessions at 1x/week

A very good plan used for intro sessions.


Contact our JD Program Director for more info:

Sergio Acosta 915-667-1118